Intelligent application terminal supply chain development trend

- Jun 15, 2018-

Now the moment, the iPhone is popular, capacitive touch screen skills experienced stable, iPhone to our brand new smart phone interpretation, it brings the user is a smart idea, system, and design aesthetic feeling, together with the touch the wider popularity of skills.After a long period of development in the touch technology and human-computer interface industry, the iphone is just a prelude to a big bang.The origins of touch technology can be traced back to 1982, when the university of Toronto developed the first multimedia touch screen to detect finger pressure, successfully ending the development of multi-touch technology.


Although skills constantly improve the operation personnel, formed a variety of different application touch skills, but no matter what kind of skills, which in the application are staying in the small during the planning, to the masses.It wasn't until apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, ending multitouch on capacitive technology, that the technology became a household name.


Touch ability now has a huge consumer market, the same, because of their leading skills and close to the operation of the consumer concept, during the boundless in the future to carry out the potential, and presents the following trends.

Skill patent is the key factor restricting the development of touch control skills.The development of products related to touch control technology inevitably touches on the patent questions in the process of touch control technology.Alone in the projection of capacitive touch skills in panel will touch the patent of more than 100, and the first master in the United States patent Synaptics (new), Apple (Apple) and Taiwan shengda technology, newcomers are hard to have a hand in space.How to break the patent barrier and develop their own skills is the key and unavoidable question about the development of touch control skills.


With the rapid development of the industrial chain in recent years, the market has formed a serious situation of oversupply and oversupply, leading to the vicious competition of the profession and the sharp decline in the profits of single products.Each big manufacturer to get higher profit, the most powerful manufacturers programming combined with the capital strength, touch show skill hit all of the related industrial chain, therefore, appear touch skills development cannot leave the industrial chain upper middle rank category combination.Appeared in touch on the commodity information, for example, the upstream skills fundamental grasp of operators in Europe and the United States, Japan, the middle data processing in Japan and Taiwan, obscene panel laminating, pressing, test, in Taiwan and the mainland.It is inevitable that the expansion of the planned development of touch control products will affect the positioning and restructuring of all the upstream and downstream industrial chains.