Introduction to library touch screen software

- Dec 11, 2018-

In recent years, touch screen has been applied to the work of agriculture and animal husbandry due to its simple, convenient, natural advantages and the characteristics of easy to understand and clear operation mode.The application of it changed the traditional national Open University library monotonous static display, in the form of novel, diverse interpretation and performance of the national Open University library contains knowledge, make the national Open University library exhibition in the form of a more lively, more rich and colorful, become an important supplementary means in national Open University library work.

Toucher touch query system with simple operation to handle affairs personnel can quickly and clearly to quickly learn its various functions, can in a short period of time to handle affairs personnel according to their own needs to get the desired results, not only save time, handle affairs personnel and interface design style also can make the clerk feast for the eyes, solved the handle affairs personnel in use process will not feel bored or tired because of the waiting time.

Into the national Open University library touch screen query software system page, you will see the picture of the top left there is a national Open University library's logo, and then there is the library name high hung in the picture to the left, big mark the touch screen query system, the center of the image of the left there is a building, surrounded by pedestrians pass by, the library looks very grand, can think of the inside of the book is very rich, in the upper right of picture is marked with the opening hours of library reading room, as well as the matters needing attention, there are 8 button at the bottom right, respectively is:Introduction to the library, electronic newspapers and periodicals, digital resources, lecture halls, reading activities, communication dynamics, announcement dynamics, mobile library, readers can click on their own topics of interest to consult, browse.

The system is divided into three parts: the foreground display module, the animation effect display module, the background data update and maintenance module, and the external equipment I/O module.