Is the development of industrial touch-screen computers an irreversible trend

- Mar 06, 2019-

The development of human civilization has gone through a lot and realized the transformation from the traditional agricultural society to the industrial society.Now we have entered the information society, and the development of information technology has continuously driven the development of scientific and technological products. Capacitive touch screens have also started to change and develop differently.

Before the appearance of touch screen products, the typical products were computers. With the improvement of science and technology, touch screen computers and capacitive touch screen mobile phones began to appear.But touch screen products and non-touch screen products are not a competitive relationship but a substitution relationship.In fact, this is a product upgrade, although the process is long, but the overall trend is irreversible.Before industrial touch-screen computers, the main developments were PCS and mobile phones and tablets.But after years of mass production and sales by touch-screen manufacturers, demand for capacitive touch screens in mobile phones has weakened, and many are turning to industrial touch-screen computers.Capacitive touch screen computers are really a requirement for a new touch screen product.Touch screen industrial computer is simple to use, easy to operate, convenient and fast, has an important role for enterprises.Industrial touch screen computers are made of tough and durable metal shell, resistant to high temperature and cold, and can be used in harsh environments.Can be connected to a variety of peripheral equipment, to achieve a complete collocation.

The above is a small series of industrial touch-screen computer development is an irreversible trend, more details please consult: