Judge the quality of touch - controlled all-in-one machine

- Aug 01, 2018-

With the progress of science and technology, touch screen technology has also experienced the process of gradual upgrading and development from low to high grade.Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of touch-controlled all-in-one machines, and there are many kinds of touch-controlled all-in-one machines. Then, the question about the selection of touch-controlled all-in-one machines comes along. How to judge the quality of touch-controlled all-in-one machines?Here is a brief introduction to judge the quality of touch control integrated machine, we hope to help you in the future purchase of touch control integrated machine.

Liquid crystal display

Liquid crystal display (LCD) is the most intimate part between the touch all-in-one machine and the audience, and it is also the most important part to improve the user experience. Therefore, the quality of LCD directly determines the quality and application efficiency of the touch all-in-one machine.In touch all-in-one PC market at present, the most used liquid crystal display with plasma, LCD, LED, use the term is usually between 6 to 10 years, although we can also prolong the service life by using the method of replacement bulbs, but change the bulb, new problems again, because the LCD inside the screen will be aging, in that case, touch screen display of all-in-one inevitably affects the image quality of touch all-in-one PC display.

How to detect the LCD screen: open the Windows drawing software and draw a circle around the screen to see if the screen is broken or not smooth.However, the number of infrared tubes and circuit design of a manufacturer will be different, and the software will not be universal.Check the use of the LCD panel, bring a software to go.

Touch screen

Touch screen is an important part of touch control all-in-one machine. It is an induction liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals from the touch head.At present, there are four kinds of touch screens in the market, namely resistance touch screen, capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic touch screen and infrared touch screen.Each touch screen has advantages and disadvantages.Want to combine oneself use an environment and the advantage and disadvantage of touch screen to choose and buy the touch screen that suits oneself product.Small make up recommend you choose small size capacitor screen, large size choose infrared screen.

Host configuration

The host configuration in the touch all-in-one machine is a basis of product quality, because even good software requires hardware as the basis, otherwise it cannot play the strongest function. Therefore, it is important to select the host configuration of the touch all-in-one machine, which mainly includes CPU, chip, memory, hard disk, industrial control motherboard and so on.

The power supply

As a pillar to support and control the normal operation of all-in-one machine, the quality of power supply can only be seen in the long-term use process. You can consult the supplier about the brand and use of power supply before purchasing, so as to know something in your mind.

Decoder chip

This function is related to the display effect of our touch all-in-one multifunction machine, which is generally considered to be the most important part of the user experience. If the decoding function of the decoding board chip is supported, the resolution and stability are poor, the display effect and stability will be very poor when playing files.