Maintenance failure and maintenance method of touch screen

- Aug 21, 2018-

Touch screen ipc maintenance is required by every enterprise and there are many. The ipc has changed from the common press type to the current touch screen type, and changed from the resistance type to the intelligent touch screen type.

Ipc is now one of the indispensable equipment in the industry. With the advanced development of technology, ipc also goes with the trend. There are full-touch screens, as well as touch screens combined with power disks.

In recent years, the degree of automation and integration of industrial equipment has become higher and higher, so the number of ipc and industrial mainboard in various industries is also increasing. Ipc maintenance is also very frequent. As the core of automatic control equipment, ipc is out of operation once it is damaged, resulting in production shutdown and huge losses of enterprises.At present rely on the manufacturer's ipc maintenance, maintenance, long time, spare parts, can be solved immediately.If not, the purchase price of new products is too high, and the time cycle is too long, or the industrial control manufacturers have stopped production. Currently, the maintenance companies in the market are all popular maintenance companies, only one-sided view of the problem, can not completely solve the problem.Especially for imported machines, the ipc has longer maintenance time and higher cost.So once the ipc is damaged, it becomes a headache for all enterprises.

So the following is a brief introduction of the touch screen ipc common fault analysis and maintenance methods.

1. After booting, the motherboard can work normally. The BIOS detects the keyboard part and reports the keyboard error.

First see if the keyboard lock lock, unlock the keyboard lock.If not, check whether the connection between the motherboard and the baseboard and whether the keyboard and mouse are connected correctly.

2. Other parts work normally after starting up. The floppy drive's reading lamp is always on.

It should be the floppy drive data cable connection.

3. After the power is added, the power supply works normally, and the main board does not reflect anything.

First remove the peripheral card and attached equipment to see if it can start?If not, the memory can be removed to see if alarm?Then check that the CPU is working properly.Finally replace the main board, check whether the main board is normal.

4. If the machine is not started, can you hear continuous alarm sound?

According to the alarm sound, it can be determined that the problem is memory.Open the machine to see if the memory is in good contact, or replace the memory slot for testing.Finally replace memory to see if memory is a problem

5. Install the operating system and crash when loading the sound card driver.

First sound card type selection error, select the correct type before installation.Second, the selected sound card conflicts with other devices (including network card, video card, motherboard).

6. When using the main board of 7162, the mouse and keyboard cannot be used.

Check the pigtail to see if it is dedicated for 7162. If not, please use the keyboard and mouse.

7. The ipc can start before installing the hard disk.

Please first check the hard disk cable is connected in reverse.

8. When the power indicator on the bottom panel is turned on, it will turn off and cannot be charged.

First see if there are screws and other foreign matter inside the case, resulting in a short circuit.Then check whether the power cord is connected in reverse, resulting in short circuit to the ground.Use replace method again, change power source, see if the problem of power source, change floor see if the problem of floor.

9. After loading the sound card drive, the running speed becomes slow or too low?

General sound card and motherboard conflict.

10. Drive is installed correctly when installing video card, without image display or color display?

The default mode of video card is "NTFC" and need to be set to "PAL" mode!

11. The ipc was tested normally in the company, but it did not show when it reached the customer.

Usually the resolution setting is too high and the client's display cannot be displayed.So the phenomenon is black screen, but there is a normal starting alarm sound.

12. When the ipc is in normal operation, it will start again when there is a vibration.

Failure of power connection, or poor connection between main board and floor (which connection to realize ATX function)!

13. When operating system GHOST, the original disk is inconsistent with the newly carved disk partition.

Disk mode, setting inconsistent.All should be set to LBA mode.

14. When running the client program, an inexplicable restart occurs?

The client's software is related to the compatibility of the motherboard. After the all-around inspection, if you still cannot find the reason, please replace the motherboard and try again.

15. After the main board of P4 is energized, it cannot be started.

The power consumption of P4 main board is very high, and the voltage demand of 12V is large.If you do not connect the 12V voltage of 4 cores on the motherboard, the motherboard cannot start.

16. Can U disk be used under DOS?

This should see advocate board support, some advocate board can support for example: 7166.Most motherboards are not supported.

17. Can USB hard disk and U disk be used as boot disk?

This depends on the motherboard support, most new motherboards (P4, P3) can support, some older motherboards may not support.

18. Main board of ordinary hard disk interface, can you use 2.5 "small hard disk?

Yes, but you need to do your own line.There is no standard wiring.

19, 2.5 "hard disk interface motherboard on the ordinary hard disk?

You can.

20. Can serial port lines of various manufacturers be exchanged?

This depends on the motherboard serial port definition is consistent, if consistent can be exchanged.

30. Can the keyboard port on the motherboard directly connect the mouse?


31. Can the current ATX case realize the function of AT?

Yes, but there must be an AT switch on this wide case.And it needs to be welded on the switch.

32. Can the main board of P4 be realized with the power of AT?

Yes, but the power supply needs to be modified: first, the power supply on the motherboard should be set AT mode, and the connection of the 4-core 12V power supply should be added.

33. Can the industrial computer of ATX power supply realize "call since"?

This is related to the motherboard, if the motherboard supports it.

34. Can't use a PCI card of ipc type?

Check that the PCI card's gold fingers are not clean, and if they are, use an eraser.

35. All PCI CARDS in ipc cannot be used?

Wipe the PCI gold fingers of the motherboard with a rubber, or change the floor slots.