Medical touch screen skills?

- Aug 24, 2018-

1. Medical touch screen -- it is recommended to run the application in full screen, remove the file name bar and menu bar in specific places of use, and display the application contents in full screen.


2. The medical touch screen adopts bright background color (except black)

In places where screens are more widely used (such as Banks' business machines), bright background colors can hide dazzling light and fingerprint traces.Of course, this is also to better let users focus on the content on the screen without external interference.

Medical touch screen -- use big buttons as a simple touch screen

We can often see that some office and service places only have a few simple ICONS on the navigation machine, and the ICONS are relatively large, because it takes into account the usage habits of different people and unfamiliar users to operate more quickly.


Medical touch screen -- remove the cursor from the mouse

Most of this practice is common on industrial machines. Many navigation machines and service machines can't see the mouse cursor, because the arrow of the mouse can distract the user or do more things with the arrow, and the cursor of the mouse can also interfere with the user's thinking and behavior.


Medical touch screen -- users get feedback at the touch of the screen:

Immediate feedback is important for users to confirm that the touch has been accepted.The response can be visual, such as a stereo button effect similar to a standard window button, or it can be vocal, meaning that whenever the user touches the screen, he or she hears a "click" or another sound.Make sure the display is immediately cleared of the previous screen and that it displays an hourglass icon (or something similar) before the next screen appears.