Problems with capacitive screens?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Capacitive touch screen technology works by using the human body's current induction.Capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer of the glass screen are coated with one layer of ITO. The outermost layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer.In order to realize multi-touch control, the capacitor screen relies on the electrode of increasing mutual capacitance. In short, the screen is divided into blocks, and a set of mutual capacitance modules are set up in each region independently.

Operating system and touch points

Currently, the operating systems that can realize multi-touch control are WIN 7, WIN8, Android system, and touch index are also dependent on touch IC on the touch screen.Other operating systems, such as XP, Linux, Win ce, etc. can only realize single finger touch control due to the limitations of operating system itself.

2. Driving conditions of each operating system

For now, the no-driver operating systems are WIN7 and WIN8, plug and play, and all other operating systems require drivers.There are two types of drivers. One is the.exe executable, which can double-click the installed driver file. This driver is suitable for XP operating system.The other is that you need to modify and load... from the bottom of the systemDrive code files for Windows ce, Linux, and Android operating systems, relatively complex to install.


Notes for use:

1. Since the capacitive screen realizes touch control function by detecting the change of the capacitive signal on the touch surface, it is easy to be interfered by the external electromagnetic environment, so the capacitor screen should be kept as far as possible away from the interferon source, which mainly comes from the liquid crystal screen and the power source.When installing, it is recommended that the large-size capacitor screen should be spaced more than 1.5mm apart from the LCD screen. It is also recommended that the power supply should be of better quality to prevent the interference signal from being too strong to touch normally.


When a single TP is tested.Please put the insulation material (such as foam) under TP before test, and after moving TP or unplugging FPC during test, you need to replug the USB cable to ensure normal touch control.

2. Improper operation results in damage to TP. As there is direct exposure of the circuit on the back of TP, it is easy to be damaged by hard objects, so please take TP lightly.In addition, FPC is also a vulnerable part, the strength of folding to be gentle, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of death.; 

3. The touch control effect is not ideal.The first sample sent out sometimes has poor touch control effect. For example, when there are some phenomena such as jumping point, breaking line and slow reaction speed, please don't worry, because the sample is only for single TP debugging, which may be quite different from the whole machine environment, and it needs to be optimized for the whole machine.