Production and application of capacitive screen in touch screen industry

- Sep 05, 2018-

Touch screen technology is a new type of human-computer interactive input method. Compared with traditional keyboard and mouse input methods, touch screen input is more intuitive.With recognition software, the touch screen can also achieve handwritten input.In the larger pattern of the overall strength of the touch screen industry, capacitive touch screen will gain the main market share, with an annual growth rate of over 30%.

The five-inch or less capacitive touch screen will become a big application in the future touch screen market. The penetration of 5-10-inch touch screen into tablet computers and e-readers will drive a new wave of growth for the development of touch screen market.According to the impact of technology life cycle on industry index, we judge that the touch screen industry will have more room for growth and investment value in the next five years.

At present, the mainstream of TOUCH screen is divided into two types, one is "capacitive screen" and the other is "resistive screen".

Throughout the development and application of touch screen, capacitive touch screen has great tendency to replace resistive touch screen. The differences between capacitive screen and resistive screen are compared, the production process and application of capacitive screen are analyzed, and the advancement of capacitive screen technology is summarized.

The previous tablets were mostly resistive touch screens, but the resistive touch screen had to be pressed and was generally single-touch, while the capacitive touch screen only needed touch operations and could achieve multi-touch.

And with the popularity of tablet computer, its function pursuit is getting higher and higher. Traditional resistive touch cannot meet the demand of tablet computer, especially in the aspect of playing games, the demand is getting higher and higher, so tablet computer must use multi-touch screen to make its function more perfect.