Production capacitance touch screen printing edge uneven?

- Sep 20, 2018-

There are always some problems in the production of capacitive touch screen, so how to cause and avoid problems such as irregular edge of capacitive touch screen printing?Let's learn from the editor.The screen printing edge of capacitive touch screen cover is irregular, large gap appears, and the image printed is small.The main reason is that the screen image edge is the part of latex, dust, mesh ink and other materials, such as blockage caused by irregular printing edge.Secondary reasons may be the making of the image itself or the quality of the screen itself.There is also a special reason for bad ink majors to clog the edges, screen tension is too low, images are too close to the printed object, and screen bottom is raised before the mesh is separated from the substrate.Ok, so that's the problem of the screen screen printing on the capacitive touch screen.