Resistance touch screen applications

- Jul 18, 2018-

The application range of the resistive touch screen, from the perspective of technical principle, touch screen is a transparent absolute coordinates positioning system, first of all, it must ensure that are transparent, so it must be through the material science and technology to solve the problem of transparent, like a digitizer, wordpad, elevator switches, they are not touch screen;Secondly it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is which, don't need the second action, unlike the mouse, is a set of relative positioning system, we can notice that the touch screen software don't need a cursor, a cursor instead affects the user's attention, because the cursor is for relative positioning device, relative positioning of the first equipment to move to a place to know the location, in which direction to go, all the time also need to constantly feedback to the user's current location is not appeared deviation.None of this is needed for a touch screen that USES absolute coordinate positioning.Second, it can detect finger touch movements and determine finger position. All kinds of touch screen technologies revolve around "detecting finger touch".