Resistance touch screen reflectance

- Aug 07, 2018-

Resistance touch screen reflectance, reflectance, mainly refers to the reflection caused by the mirror image overlapping the light behind the image, such as shadow, Windows, lights and so on.Reflection is a negative effect brought by the touch screen. The smaller the better. It affects the user's browsing speed. In serious cases, the image characters cannot even be recognized.Most reflective problems of touch screen provides another after surface treatment of models: frosted surface touch screen, also called anti-dazzle type, the price is slightly higher, anti-glare coating significantly decline, suitable for daylighting is very sufficient hall or exhibition place, however, anti-dazzle type pervious to light quality and clarity also will have a substantial decline.Sharpness, some of the touch screen after the addition of blurred handwriting, blurred image details, the entire screen appears blurred, not very clear, that is, poor clarity.The problem of sharpness is mainly the multilayer thin film touch screen, which is caused by the repeated light and reflection refraction between the film layers.Poor clarity, easy to fatigue eyes, there is also some harm to the eyes, when the touch screen should be carefully selected.