Restaurants use capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines to upgrade

- Jan 22, 2019-

Screen touch all-in-one machine is applied in a number of chain tea restaurants in shenzhen. As a local place with a concentrated flow of people, the touch all-in-one machine for restaurant layout has an audience base. It is a brand new platform for businesses to implement store informatization and launch new media promotion.

In the restaurant layout touch the role of the all-in-one machine generally has three points:

1. The dynamic picture of the all-in-one audio and video can regulate people's emotions and depict elegant temperament and civilization;

2. Publicize in-store information to customers, such as quotations of various cuisines, promotion of special dishes, safety tips, etc.;

Three, interactive promotion, touch or induction technology to touch the all-in-one machine with query, entertainment and other functions, such as a la carte system, qr code download coupons, and mobile phone binding can be self-service bill, greatly convenient for customers, save manpower restaurant.

Catering industry as a service industry, customer experience is an important factor affecting the restaurant business, the use of capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine just meet the needs of customer information can play content is very rich, including images, text, video, etc.