Smart kitchen touch screen

- Sep 29, 2018-

Capacitive touch screens are everywhere, touch screens and personalized Settings for smart kitchens, and maybe that's the high-tech kitchen we'll see in the future.

An intelligent concept kitchen, it can identify people in the kitchen, and displayed on the screen in the kitchen and host need any information, and synchronization with family travel plans, let every member of the house to see them today needs to be done, such as a school bus timetables, the time of the meeting in the morning, appointment with someone, and a healthy lunch.It also shows local temperatures.

In addition, the smart stove in the kitchen can "sense" the object placed on it, such as when you put a coffee cup on it, it can heat it to the optimum temperature.It can also be connected to a baby monitor, allowing parents to "watch" their children while they cook in the kitchen.

Although such a concept kitchen is not realized in our real life, we still work hard every day. Look, our front-line staff of touch screen production are fighting for the early arrival of this day.I hope it's not far.

Xinhechang technology has been focusing on the development and production of various sizes of capacitive touch screen, so that touch can change life!