Super fit technology capacitive touch screen vacuum fit!

- Aug 27, 2018-


Super fit technology capacitive touch screen vacuum fit!

The capacitive touch screen has many advantages, such as easy to use, durable, fast reaction speed, and space saving.As the preferred structure of industrial control touch screen, G+G- has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, long service life and high touch sensitivity.

G+G fit is a necessary process of manufacturing industrial control touch screen.However, bubbles are sometimes unavoidable in the production process. Then, how can bubbles be solved in the entire process of industrial touch screen production?Only by removing the bubbles can the touchscreen remain beautiful.The key points of our analysis are as follows:

1. It is very important to control air pressure, temperature and time after finishing the bonding of industrial control touch screen.Below 20 inch can refer to the following two parameters: 5 kg / 45 ℃ / 15 min or 12 6 kg / 60 ℃ / min (these parameters also need to each equipment performance and do small vice degree adjustment).

2. Material factor of OCA film: some good films can exhaust bubbles, and the fitting effect is relatively better.Die cutting, do not leave burr, can not pull the glue, otherwise will appear or large or small air bubbles, affect the bonding effect.

3. Production environment is very important: it needs to be fitted in the 100-level dust-free workshop, so that the cleanliness of air is high, and there will be relatively few foreign matters hidden in the fitting, and the probability of air bubbles will also be reduced.Other bonding personnel must be equipped with dust-free gloves operation.

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