Technical characteristics of capacitive touch panel

- Jul 13, 2018-

Technical characteristics of capacitive touch panel. Capacitive touch control technology is a touch control technology that makes use of the capacitance change when finger is connected to capacitor touch panel.Capacitance touch there are two important parameters, and the upper one is finger induction capacitance sensing materials, the other is between the sensor material) or between the sensor material and optical panel, produces the parasitic capacitance between conductors and conductors, and when your fingers close to the different voltage sensing conductor conductor, also can produce induction capacitance change.The capacitance sensing effect is how to detect 0 under large parasitic capacitance values.Small change in inductive capacitance in 1 ~ 2 pF units.Capacitive touch control technology is relatively stable and reliable. By virtue of the characteristics of human body, it is a capacitor body. When touching the touch panel, the capacitance changes can reach the effect of sensing touch control