Technical difficulties with multitouch screens

- Jul 16, 2018-

The technical difficulties of multi-touch screen multi-point touch screen, the use of two or more than two different situational media touch screen surface, can in order to realize the perfect picture zoom, rotate, etc all kinds of multi-touch applications.At the same time, it has all the functions and advantages of traditional single point infrared touch screen.Touch screen testing time, the rapid development of infrared technology, infrared detection technology can do under 15 ms response speed, but consumers still not satisfied with this rate, consumers want to testing time is shorter, touch screen touch more smoothly.The influence of environmental light, infrared receiving tube is one of the largest light and have the smallest sensitivity work location, but the room is not allowed to limit the use of touch screen products range, because most of the touch screen application objects are ordinary consumers, they may be applied to the infrared multi-touch screen around everywhere, opaque cinemas, for example, sun beach, as a consumer product, it must adapt to the environment, so it requires infrared detection technology in the application of touch screen with more stability.Infrared detection technology in the application of infrared multi-touch screen, infrared emission receiver tube has a launch receiving Angle range, so often stop to touch fingers signals between the pipe.