The 5-wire resistive screen of capacitive touch screen features

- Jul 27, 2018-

The 5-wire resistive screen of capacitive touch screen features,  the base layer of the 5-wire resistive touch screen applies the voltage field in both directions to the conductive working surface of the glass through the precision resistor network. It is simply understood that the voltage field time-division work in both directions is applied to the same working surface, while the outer nickel-gold conductive layer is only used as a pure conductor, and the X-axis of the inner ITO contact point is detected after touch.

 The method of the Y-axis voltage value measures the position of the touch point. The inner layer of ITO of the 5-wire resistive touch screen requires four leads, the outer layer is only one conductor, and the lead screen of the touch screen has five lead wires. Features: high resolution, high speed transmission response. High surface hardness reduces scratches, scratches and chemical resistance. 30 million contact points at the same point are still available. The conductive glass is the medium of the substrate, which is corrected once and has high stability and never drifts. The five-wire resistive touch screen has the disadvantages of high price and high environmental requirements.