The application field of smart home touch screen is diversified

- Sep 21, 2018-

All the time, people have been studying science and technology continuously, and the technology has been more and more advanced.With the rapid growth of the market of information and electronic products, people's requirements on the intellectualization, convenience and humanization of electronic products have been constantly improved.Smart home touch screen has been widely used as an intuitive interface.Nowadays, the demand power of smart home touch screen mainly comes from consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones, game consoles, computers and other devices. However, with the development of touch screen technology, its application in other electronic products will be widely expanded.

Currently, there are mainly 8 different technologies in the field of smart home touch screen: resistance type, surface capacitive type, projection capacitive type, surface acoustic type, infrared type, refraction type, active digital conversion type and optical imaging type.The smart home touch screen, with its low price and good responsiveness to finger and pen touch, covers two-thirds of more than 100 manufacturers of touch screen components and has become a top-selling touch screen product in the past five years.Over the past two years, however, the projection capacitive touch screen has grown rapidly thanks to apple's iPhone.Compared with the resistive touch screen, it has higher transmittance, resolution and service life, and can realize multi-touch control.