The average person in a restaurant who orders meals using a touch-only machine has doubled

- Oct 08, 2018-

The restaurant touch screen has been widely used, especially in the core business districts of guangzhou. From the semi-automatic touch cash register in the past to the food ordering machine to the touch all-in-one machine displayed on the front, it shows that the man-machine interaction of the restaurant has gradually developed from internal staff to potential customers.

Yu Dongpu core TIT times square food, almost every has the appearance of the restaurant chains use format between different interactive touch screen to attract consumers, through the hdmi and man-machine interactive query let consumers understand the restaurant food culture, menus, service and so on, USES the android or Windows system query about other half of the software.

Now is better in wanda, age, joining and dining areas of the plaza restaurant dishes such as types, how to gain a foothold in the competitive restaurant market profit more and more difficult, looked up to the naked eye is a piece of downtown restaurant, diners into the shop, can only rely on luck or the weekend, that is why the restaurant touch screen has become so important.

, according to company personnel east nursery age diet TIT square area a total of 34 touch advertising machine (do not include order machines and cash registers) are in use, there are 26 units came from the touch products, all trouble-free normal play to its function effect, compared with other brand color is more clear and bright color, highly comfortable operation flow experience.

The restaurants inside use touch touch inquiry software, which is distributed free of charge by touch, or offer customized plans.Data analysis, consumers do not like cheap, but cheap, excellent quality and reasonable price, as long as the screen content targeted at this point, consumers will be more willing to profit for you.

Compared with previous marketing methods, the average customer retention rate of restaurants using this software and hardware scheme increased by more than 500%, the consumption rate of people increased by 200%, and the performance improvement of restaurants using the restaurant touch screen can be fully tripled.