The difference between ipc and touch screen

- Oct 25, 2018-

What is an ipc?In the industrial control system, what is the difference between the ipc and the touch screen?Learn from principal optoelectronics.

The Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) is a reinforced and enhanced Personal Computer that can operate reliably in an Industrial environment as an Industrial controller.The touch screen can be used as the input and display unit of the ipc. The touch screen of ipc is also made into a whole, which is a touch screen but has the function of ipc.

HMI is short for Human Machine Interface, also known as touch screen, "" man-machine Interface" ", also known as man-machine Interface.Man-machine interface (also called user interface or user interface) is the medium of interaction and information exchange between the system and the user.Human - machine interface exists in all areas involved in human - machine information communication.Common HMI connect PLC or fieldbus.Its interface and industrial computer directly connected to the touch screen has a bad smell.

This is the industrial computer, touch screen, industrial touch screen features and functions.