The four touch forms of the all-in-one machine

- Oct 30, 2018-

Today touch screen manufacturer xinhechang technology make up for you to bring dry goods, according to the operating principle of touch screen, touch screen touch machine can be divided into the following four forms!

Type 1: infrared touch screen

The principle of infrared touch technology has been repeatedly introduced several times in the previous articles, which will not be explained here!Infrared touch is not affected by the environment, not afraid of stains, not afraid to click for a long time, longer life!Among the four common touch drives, infrared touch is the only technology that can achieve large size.What just calculate is big size, touch an all-in-one machine manufacturer shenzhen xinhe chang defines it is 65 inches above is big size, on the market now touch an all-in-one machine even can achieve 200 inches above!Infrared touch relies on infrared light to generate infrared technology, so when an object touches the surface, the infrared light will turn bright and dark, resulting in touch operation. Therefore, as long as the lamp tube is not broken, accurate touch can be achieved all the time. At present, the service life of the integrated infrared touch machine can reach 70 million clicks!

Type 2: sonic touchscreen

The sound wave touch screen is based on the acoustic principle. In a direct point, it is based on the vibration principle of sound wave. It converts sound wave into touchable signal to achieve touch function.Acoustic touch screens are now largely invisible, and acoustic touch screens are not very large.

Type 3: capacitive touch screen

Capacitance screen, the principle of simple, it is according to the current strength for touch, so the touch screen touch sensitivity is the result of the current, smartphone currently on the market, such as apple mobile phones, samsung is the capacitance screen, touch all-in-one in, capacitive touch screen is generally used in the small size of the touch of a whole machine, is not to say can't do big size, even if do it, the cost is quite high, not suitable for consumers to choose, not cost-effective!

The touch control product produced by xinhechang science and technology is using capacitive touch screen for multi-touch control. Our main products are touch all-in-one machine, advertising machine, touch query all-in-one machine. Touch screen has been produced for many years.

Type 4: resistance touch screen

Although resistive screen has been gradually withdrawn from the market, people are not unfamiliar with resistive screen. In the early stage of smart phones, many fake phones use resistive screen. His principle is to produce deformation according to pressure and touch response after contact between two contact surfaces.So in the past, resistive touch-screen phones required a lot of press when they were turned on!At present, the resistance touch screen is generally used under 32 inches, short life!