The operating technique of capacitive touch screen is described briefly

- Sep 12, 2018-

When we choose any kind of product, we will use it in a certain way. Capacitive touch screen is no exception, but many people are not familiar with the use of touch screen.

1. It is prohibited to have water droplets or other soft objects sticking to the appearance of the touch screen, otherwise the touch screen will be very easy to misjudge, and it is believed that the touch of hands will cause the sound wave screen on the appearance to be inaccurate.Also, when removing contaminants from the capacitive touch screen surface, it is advisable to use a soft dry cloth or detergent to wipe the surface carefully from the center of the screen, or a dry soft cloth to be dipped in industrial alcohol or glass cleaner to clean the touch screen surface.2, if use your hands to touch or other touching surface acoustic wave touch screen, touch screen is very slow, which proves that big may be a capacitive touch screen system is obsolete, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because the touch screen surface water in the mobile, therefore restore fast response to touch screen, need to replace or upgrade system, or use dishcloth dry the water on the surface of the touch screen.3. If the system is not allowed to click or drift when changing display resolution, adjusting screen size and the first installation, it needs to start the positioning program which is provided in the application to reposition. However, when positioning, it is suggested to use a thin pen or fingertip for positioning, which is more accurate.4. If the display resolution or display mode of the touch screen is changed again when the capacitive touch screen is operated halfway, or the refresh frequency of the touch screen controller is adjusted by itself, the touch screen system must be calibrated again when the cursor and touch point cannot be corresponded.