The reason LED display screen stripes and how to resolve it

- Nov 09, 2019-

If the LED display has streaks, especially if there are horizontal stripes or vertical stripes in use, it will directly affect the LED display and viewing experience, especially in places such as shopping malls and pedestrian streets.

So how do we go about troubleshooting and solving this kind of problem?

First of all, for the streaking phenomenon of the LED screen, it can be confirmed that the LED display is no problem, generally the problem of the power supply, the control card (including the adapter board) and the software.

1) Restart the power supply and try it.

2) It may be that the board is broken, and the back is reversed and tried.

3) Look at the display power supply is good (there is a small green light on the power supply that is on or off, or it is broken. If the light is on, there may be insufficient voltage)

4) The above two are not good or may be a problem with the control card program. Try reloading the file.

5) The control card problem is broken. The key point of the control card is the adapter board. If there is any jumper on the adapter board, it will cause the LED display to appear streak; if it happens occasionally during playback, please change the playback mode.

The above is about the solution of the stripe on the LED display. In addition, there are many people who have feedback. In the shooting of the LED display screen, water ripple appears, commonly known as “water ripple”. This is not the same as the problem of streaking, not the quality of the LED screen. The water ripple is related to the shooting angle and the screen refresh rate, so it needs to be taken down by the way.