The reason why the capacitive screen cannot slide to answer incoming calls

- Apr 16, 2019-

Capacitive touchscreen phones have gone mainstream in the 21st century, and large-screen phones have become so ubiquitous that almost everyone has one.Capacitive screen phones are really good and convenient, but you may have come across a phenomenon like this;Every once in a while someone calls your service and swipes on the phone and the touch screen doesn't swipe.Let's make an analysis of this phenomenon today.

The main problem with capacitive screen failure is that the amount of static accumulated on the fingertips or the surface of the screen reaches a certain level, making the screen unable to perceive the touch of the finger (that is, the charge of the capacitor does not change when the finger is touched).

When you have found that generally appear this problem is not the time for playing your mobile phone, but the phone in his pocket when someone calls, then found that cannot slide, this is because the phone in his pocket and pants friction produced electrostatic screen temporary failure, as long as eliminated the estimate you will ask: why no phone in my pocket at ordinary times when calling out play would not have failed?Answer: have you noticed the big difference between this time and that time?

The screen lights up automatically when there is a call. We don't need to press the button. When we take it out to play, we need to press the physical button before unlocking it.

Radio waves or magnetic fields can also cause static electricity. When there is a call, the signal received by the mobile phone changes, and static electricity may also be generated. So sometimes the mobile phone in the bag may also cause this problem.Of course, if you're playing with your phone, any static electricity will be instantly eliminated. 

Q: why do you sometimes slide, but only half of the time?A: it's still static, quite simply because we only have a small amount of static on the screen.

It's like there's static electricity already.It's as if a person is already holding down the screen and you're being held down to the point where you can't slide, or maybe a vertical line is being held down (from the top of the screen to the bottom).So as soon as you slide down there, it bounces back.If you don't believe me, you can experiment: we swipe to unlock the bar is relatively wide, you use one finger in the middle of the top half of the slider, and then use the other finger to swipe to unlock.Do you notice that once you get there, it bounces back?

Here's the solution:

Method one: use whole palm one-way wipe screen 2-3 times can (had better be to use palm peak, namely: little finger arrives wrist that part, because there flesh flesh is much even, can contact adequately with the screen.

Method 2: or press the physical key first and then slide to answer (method 2 May not be 100% successful;Method a 100% success, generally 2-3 can be successful, if not more than a few times to wipe).

See so many everyone have no feel to want to try very much!!!