The structure of G+G capacitive screen is compared with ITO

- Aug 20, 2018-

G + G capacitance screen structure compared with ITO, G + G capacitive touch screen, fingers, conductor for capacitive touch screen nexus of contracts the touch induction channel on the touch panel, touch induction channel capacity increase, under the high frequency driver, capacitive touch signal through induction line to guide, to transmit to the touch IC, capacitance sensor, through the touch touch IC signal broadcast final software drivers are combined with the screen content will touch touch signals into commands, and transferred to the CPU to form the human-computer interaction function.

Capacitive touch screen ITO Sensor can be divided into two-layer and single-layer ITO structures, of which the single-layer TIO structure, of which the single-layer ITO structure USES metal layer to bridge.Actually, on the premise of producing ITO pattern, ITO needs to be crystallized at high temperature. If the surface of insulation is not good enough, MAM does not need crystallization. 

ITO is crystallization, and the bridging position of ITO is easy to break, which may not be good. The industrial immaturity of touch screen production will easily fail to realize yield. When the high-temperature crystallization of ITO pattern occurs, there will be xanthation, and its pattern is easy to deviate.