The touch screen is different from the phone interface

- Feb 08, 2019-

The difference between touch screen and mobile phone interface, mobile phone interface and touch screen interface: in the mobile phone interface, although the final display device of the interface is varied, it is the same in size, that is, no larger than the palm of an adult's hand.You decide how much information to arrange, what font size to use, and so on.On the touch screen interface, the size of the final display screen is also fixed and predictable, but the size is generally larger than the phone 

screen, and for different devices and different operations, the size of the display screen will vary a lot, so there will be changes in layout, navigation, text and other aspects.In terms of pointing devices, mobile phone interfaces generally use text type marking or bright display or pen point, etc., while the pointing devices in the touch screen interface are people's fingers, so there are obvious differences in the size of the required buttons.