Touch is everywhere, the development status of touch-screen washing machine

- Sep 29, 2018-

With the rapid development of capacitive touch screen technology, the home appliances washing machine has changed from the previous button function washing machine to the new touch function washing machine.With the development and application of Internet of things, monochrome screen will be replaced by color touch screen.

With the 12th five-year plan for the Internet of things, the washing machine market is likely to see product upgrades similar to those seen when automatic washing machines appear.

Of course, the customers are mainly washing machine manufacturers.At present, washing machines mainly use touch control and display screen.

Many washing machine manufacturers have already launched led touch button washing machines with a price of over 10,000 yuan. Li, minister of technology development of us believe lilly group, also said that at present, not only touch keys will be used in high-output washing machines, but also in middle-end washing machines with a price of more than 2,000 yuan.And some washing machine manufacturer product already began to use monochrome touch screen.Such as cygnet, LG, Siemens and other washing machines.

Currently, most washing machines use monochrome display and electromechanical buttons.But as the home appliances go to the countryside policy ends, each big enterprise needs the new element to open the market.The compact, character-based LCD display, a relatively new feature in washing machines made over the past few years, is being replaced by color touch-screen graphics LCD and LED.

According to market researchers in xinhechang, shenzhen, it is difficult for home appliance companies to develop a stable color touch screen in a short time.

Secondly, in China, washing machines are mainly aimed at women and families, and the warm and humanized color interface can easily arouse users' desire to buy.Later, as the technology is mature, the current stage of household appliances products can basically meet the practical needs of users, so the customer experience is more important.Currently, washing machine manufacturers mainly control the operation of washing machine through the touch button, customize the setting button and logo, and display the laundry situation in real time through the visual interface.