Touch screen application

- May 09, 2018-

From a technical point of view, the touch screen is a transparent absolute coordinate positioning system. First of all, it must be transparent. Therefore, it must solve the problem of transparency through material technology, such as digitizers, tablets, and elevator switches. None of them are Touch screen; Secondly, it is absolute coordinates, which is where the finger touches, does not require the second action, unlike the mouse, is a set of relative positioning system, we can note that touch screen software does not require a cursor, there is a cursor that affects the user The attention, because the cursor is used for relative positioning equipment, the relative positioning of the equipment to move to a place to know where in the first place, in which direction to go, every moment also need to keep the user feedback The location will not be biased. These are not required for touch screens that use absolute coordinate positioning; secondly, they can detect the touch movement of a finger and determine the position of the finger. Various types of touch screen technology center around the “detection of a finger touch” and each of the eight immortals expresses their supernatural powers.