Touch screen deviation solution

- Mar 26, 2019-

Touch screen, as a new computer input device, is a simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction.It gives multimedia with a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive equipment.Due to the application of high frequency for a long time, we often encounter some problems. Today, we have collected some solutions to the problem. Let's see if there are any similar problems in your machine.

Fault: touch deviation

Phenomenon 1: the position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Reason: after the driver is installed, there is no vertical touch to the center of the bull's eye when correcting the position.

Solution: recalibrate the position.

Phenomenon 2: partial area touch accurate, partial area touch deviation.

Reason: the surface acoustic wave touch screen around the edge of the acoustic wave reflection stripes above the accumulation of a lot of dust or scale, affecting the transmission of the acoustic wave signal caused by.

Solution: to clean the touch screen, it is necessary to clean the acoustic reflection stripes on the four sides of the touch screen, and disconnect the power supply of the touch screen control card when cleaning.