Touch screen function

- Jul 17, 2018-

Touch screen function, touch screen display technology is a new type of human-computer interactive input mode, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch screen input more intuitive.In order to meet the needs of customers in the market, a multi-touch screen display has been developed.The touch screen consists of a detection unit installed in front of the display screen and a touch screen controller.When a finger or other object touches a touch screen mounted on the front of the display, the touch position is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the host through an interface (such as the rs-232 serial port).Multi-functional intelligent plate with the computer and projector to form large touch screen, the computer screen through the projector projection to the smart board, with pointer or fingers instead of the mouse on the smart board computer operation, control Windows or Macintosh and application software.The touch screen part of the surface acoustic touch screen is only a transparent reinforced glass, so it can be made into a plane, cylinder or sphere, and no special coating is required on the surface of the touch screen.