Touch screen gloves principle, how to choose touch screen gloves, which touch screen gloves good Touch screen gloves are designed for capacitive phones.

- Oct 08, 2018-

There are roughly two types of touch screen gloves.

One: the lower end: how much the index finger and thumb are exposed.It's cheap.But in winter the cold is on both fingers.

Two: made of special materials.It's a special surface guide.The phone is not exposed, but it can also use a touch screen.

Touch gloves are touch-sensitive gloves made of conductive material on the fingertips. They can imitate human touch and thus enable us to use touch devices accurately and flexibly, allowing us to operate touch electronic devices smoothly while wearing gloves to keep warm.People who have read a little science about the principles of touch gloves know that metal is a kind of electrical conductor.Touch of touch screen gloves officially using Japan's advanced Thuneron - blue yarn technology to a conductive metal copper (Cu9S5) in the fiber on the gloves, make the gloves have heat preservation effect on the one hand, on the other hand can also act as conductive between fingers and touch screen, can let you wearing gloves and at the same time as usual to your love machine operation, that is not afraid in winter time, in order to use mobile phones without cause frostbite hand gloves.

Touch screen gloves are special gloves for operating capacitive touch screen products in winter.It combines technology and warmth to solve the problem of freezing the hands of iPhone users who operate touch screen phones outdoors in winter.

At present, touch screen gloves have begun to be produced and sold in China, and the industry is still in its infancy.More well-known brands include touch, MO brand, tentacle home, ai (I) customer gloves, etc. Yantai taihe, a domestic chemical fiber producer, has also started to make this kind of conductive touch screen gloves of aramid. Due to high technical requirements, experts suggest consumers to identify the brand products when buying products.Not easy to use is a small matter, scratch touch screen is a big loss

In the past, the resistive touch screen could only judge one touch point at a time when working with hands. If the touch point is more than two, the correct judgment cannot be made. Therefore, the resistive touch screen is only applicable to the judgment of simple actions such as clicking, dragging, etc.The multi-touch control of capacitive touch screen can decompose the user's touch into two tasks: collecting multi-point signals and judging the meaning of signals, to complete the judgment of complex movements.

Finger touch the surface of the resistive touch screens is A hard coating, to protect the PET (polyester film) layer, the surface protection between two hard coating and glass bottom layer transparent conductive ITO (indium oxide, weak electrical conductor), corresponding to the X, Y, among them with A small transparent insulation insulation, particles touch of pressure can make the two conductive layer turned on, press different point, point to the output resistance is different also, so will the output and the position corresponding to the point at which A voltage signal (analog), after A/D conversion of the X, Y coordinates.This is the basic principle of resistive technology touch screen.

The single-point capacitive touch screen only USES a single layer of ITO. When the finger touch screen is on the surface, a certain amount of electric charge will be transferred to the human body.To recover these charges, the charge is replenished from four corners of the screen, and the amount of charge added in each direction is proportional to the distance to the touch point, from which we can work out where the touch point is.

A resistive touch screen can only judge one touch point at a time. If more than two touch points are touched at the same time, the correct response cannot be made, or the response is confused.

The task of multiple touch control evolved into multi-point capacitive touch screen can be divided into two aspects: one is to collect multi-point signals at the same time; the other is to judge the meaning of each signal, which is called gesture recognition.In contrast to touch technology that can only accept single input, multitouch allows users to touch the display in multiple places at the same time, enabling operations such as scaling and rotating web pages or images.Apple's iPhone allows only two fingers, so it's called a "double touch," while Microsoft's forthcoming Surface computer responds to 52 touch points at once.

In order to realize multi-touch function, multi-touch screen and single-touch screen adopt completely different structure.From the outside of the screen, the single-touch screen only has a few signal lines (usually 4Pin or 5Pin), while the multi-touch screen has many leads.From the inside, the conductive layer of the single-touch touch screen is only a flat plate, while the multi-touch screen is divided into many relatively independent touch control units on the plate. Each touch control unit is connected to the external circuit through independent leads, and all touch control units are arranged in matrix on the board.That way, when the user's finger touches a certain part of the screen, the signal is output from the corresponding detection line.When you move your finger to another location, you get a signal from another line.

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The touch-screen glove market is a new challenge for xiaomi

These days, rice fans have been surprised to find that xiaomi has launched its winter touch gloves.Lei jun enters mobile phone accessory industry, it is not what news already.At the beginning of the launch of the 2011 mi M1, lei jun was eager to launch the mi mall to sell various accessories of the mi phone.One of the lessons lei learned from jobs was that the launch of the phone had to be accompanied by new accessories.

Steve jobs announced the launch of the iPhone at Macworld on January 9, 2007, and the customized release of accessories such as the iPhone headset, prompting the phone to sell.Currently, apple is holding its annual MFi(MadeForiPhone/iPad/iPod) accessory manufacturer conference in shenzhen.According to reports, apple plans to require all manufacturers licensed to make parts to comply with the company's supplier code of conduct.

Under apple's MFi licensing program, only parts manufacturers licensed by the MFi can use the "MadeforiPhone" Logo on product packaging.And only authorized accessory manufacturers can obtain internal instructions such as apple's product interface and connectivity.Apple, which has always kept a tight grip on the industry chain, reported last month that it planned to directly control the supply of lightning converters, rather than allow third-party manufacturers to make the parts.

Apple can set strict standards to regulate the parts manufacturers, but xiaomi does not have enough ability and courage to force the parts suppliers, only to choose to do.In early November, xiaomi launched its own touch gloves in response to strong demand from phone users in winter.Domestic mobile phone giant xiaomi has entered the touch screen glove market, a new industry, just like a bombshell, causing much discussion in the industry.

This reporter interviewed touch gloves industry association member just.The director said that xiaomi's entry into the touch-screen gloves industry will accelerate the industry's corporate reshuffle and further crack down on shanzhai products.However, due to the insufficient technical reserve of xiaomi's touchscreen gloves, xiaomi gloves can only rely on brand publicity and occupy part of the mid-and-low-end market for men, which cannot impact the mid-and high-end market and the female market of industry leaders such as the touch group.

Touch is not only a touch screen glove brand, but also an innovative enterprise based on technology and fashion.In terms of technology, touch has developed a national patented ergonomic glove, introducing the world's advanced Thunderon conductive yarn.Fashion, touch and design company ING cooperation, glove style fashion trend.