Touch screen manufacturers: flexible, thin, light has become the future touch screen development trend

- Jun 29, 2018-

Nowadays, our side have many electronic products, by this time will need to use the touch screen, so our side appeared a lot of touch screen manufacturers, its presence to our life and work has brought great convenience.According to the information obtained by small editor, flexible, thin and light has become the development trend of future display and touch screen.This trend means that production equipment and technology need to be continuously improved to meet the growing market demand and explore more innovative applications.Smartphone manufacturers around the world are focusing on the main products, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.As a key component of smart phones, touch screens have become a new direction of differentiation for smartphone manufacturers.OGS, in-cell and on-cell panel technologies are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, curved surface, flexibility, high resolution, sapphire and holography have become the focus of mobile phone manufacturers' promotion.Increased competition in the smartphone industry poses new challenges to touch-screen technology and devices.


We have learned, as required by the lightweight with a low cost, brand companies are import diaphragm touch technology, and the production mode of traditional film type touch screen is used more single semi-automatic production mode, takes up a lot of artificial, not easy to control quality.Manz has proposed a fully automatic production model of roll to roll, which provides higher production efficiency, more precise manufacturing process and less labor cost.


On the other hand OGS in glass strength demand more and more high, under the trend of traditional cutting knife wheel will encounter bottlenecks, Manz the wisdom of laser cutting technology, is of strong corresponding high depth (DOL = 50 um) reinforced glass, at the same time can achieve high production speed 5 m/SEC.