Touch screen of acoustic wave touch panel

- Aug 09, 2018-

Touch the sound screen of the touch screen. The touch screen on the surface of the sound screen is only a piece of transparent reinforced glass, so it can be made into a plane, cylinder or sphere, and no special coating is required on the surface of the touch screen.The touchscreen is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer at the corner that sends a high-frequency sound wave across the surface of the screen.When a finger or other object capable of absorbing or blocking acoustic energy touches the screen, the acoustic energy passing through the finger is partially absorbed and coordinates can be determined according to changes in the receiver signal.Compared with other types of touch screens, the surface acoustic wave touch screen is independent of temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, and has high resolution.Good light transmittance, can maintain clear and bright image quality;Fast reaction speed;There is a third axis (the pressure axis) response, so it is increasingly used.