Touch screen operation process and design considerations

- May 29, 2018-

CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREEN has been widely used in automotive, industrial control, medical equipment, intelligent home, intelligent wear, etc., as long as there is a touch and will be using a capacitive touch screen display, especially in the car and is frequently used in industrial control products.So what should the capacitive touch screen pay attention to during operation and design?


The following points should be noted during the operation process:

The car capacitive touch screen is made of glass, because the edges and corners of the glass are sharp, gloves should 

be worn when working.Please be careful not to apply strong impact. Do not overlap or press heavy weight when saving. FPC should not bend.

1. The upper shell support on the touch screen should be set outside the visual area


2. Press the upper and lower parts of the touch screen together with elastic materials like glue


3. When using, the upper part of the touch screen should not be fixed with the upper shell


4. The upper edge of the touch screen is conductive to the glass conductive layer, so do not contact with metal materials


5. Use rubber material around the loop when waterproof is required


6. Reserve the FPC line space near the FPC, so as to absolutely avoid the outer shell or other parts from touching and

   squeezing FPC

Xinhechang touch screen manufacturer in the operation process and the design of this a very rigorous, all in accordance with the standard operation, in view of the special products can also be custom private mould, mainly in production: car capacitive touch screen Industrial touch screen Smart home touch screen and so on.