Touch screen product installation

- May 09, 2018-

1 The purpose of removing the touch screen is to completely expose the front surface of the CRT and remove the front cover of the touch screen in order to install the touch screen.

2 Remove the touch screen precautions

When removing the CRT, be sure not to grab or collide with the neck and the electron gun of the CRT. Because the electron gun is a glass structure, it is very easy to be damaged. Therefore, after taking out the CRT, the safety of the electron gun must be taken into consideration. Generally, the CRT is displayed face up and placed on the Plastic bucket.

3 Trimming the touch screen front cover

After removing the front cover of the CRT and the touch screen, try to put the touch screen into the removed front cover of the touch screen. Generally, some ribs are designed inside the front cover. These reinforcing ribs are mainly used during demoulding in the production process if they prevent the touch screen from being placed. Into or feel that long-term use may damage the wire on the edge of the touch screen, it should be cut with a diagonal pliers (cut it best to smooth the incision, because the incision is too sharp may damage the wire on the side of the touch screen, If space permits, stick the foam with double-sided tape.)

4 Paste the dust strip

Sticking the dust strip in the front cover of the touch screen serves two purposes: 1. Prevents damage to the transducer. Some touch screens, such as the height of the PHILIPS front cover viewing frame, are not enough. If no dust-proof strips are installed in the touch screen, the transducers will be crushed and the touch screen will become unusable. This phenomenon is still prominent on flat screen displays. The upper dust-proof strip can solve the problem by allowing space for the transducer. 2. Prevent outside dust from entering the touch screen stripe area. If too much dust accumulates on the touch screen stripe, the touch response is unresponsive and the local touch failure may occur. Applying a dust strip can effectively solve this problem.