Touch technology capacitive touch screen principle?

- Aug 01, 2018-

Touch screens have changed our lives.Especially in the application of smart phones, it makes it more convenient for people to use electronic products.So today I'd like to introduce you to how capacitive touch screens work.

The capacitive touch screen USES the human body's current induction effect to work.In particular, when our fingers on the metal layer click or sliding, due to the human body is a conductor, fingers and touch screen surface formed by a coupling capacitance can constitute a capacitor (two conductors), so the fingers from the point of contact suck a small current, the current outflow from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrode, the four electrodes and the current is proportional to the finger to the four corners, and gesture recognition controller based on the four current ratio of precise calculation, it can be concluded that the location of the touch point coordinate, pass this information through the drivers to further UI system and make the corresponding interface transformation.