Touch the screen to see what the structure is

- Oct 16, 2018-

A capacitive touch screen USES a transparent metal layer on a glass plate as a conductive material, and a narrow electrode on the four sides of the touch screen creates a low-voltage ac electric field inside the conductive body.When the finger touches the metal layer, the contact capacitance will be changed when a conductive object touches it. The current from the four electrodes will flow to the contact. The controller can determine the position of the touch by the current.As capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding, its stability is poor and drift often occurs.Resistive touch screen is basically the structure of the film with glass, when touching film lower ITO will come into contact with the glass of the upper ITO, via a message in the sensors, then from the controller to the computer side, by the driver into the X and Y values on the screen, and click on the finish, and rendered on the screen.