Touch TV 65-inch touch screen teaching machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

At present, the touch screen all-in-one machine can be divided into five basic types based on technical principles: vector pressure sensor technology inquiry machine, resistance technology inquiry machine, capacitive technology touch screen machine, infrared technology inquiry machine, and surface acoustic wave technology inquiry. One machine. Among them, the vector pressure sensing technology touch screen all-in-one machine has withdrawn from the historical stage; the infrared technology touch screen all-in-one machine is inexpensive, but its outer frame is fragile, it is easy to produce light interference, and it is distorted in the case of curved surfaces.

With this technology, as long as you use your finger to lightly touch the icon or text on the computer display screen, you can operate the host computer, making human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology is extremely convenient for users who do not understand computer operation. The application range of the multimedia touch all-in-one is very broad. It mainly includes public information inquiry, such as business inquiry of telecommunication bureaus, tax bureaus, banks, electric power and other departments; information inquiry of urban streets; it can also be widely used in office and industrial control. , Military command, video games, song and order, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale, etc. In the future, touch all-in-ones will enter the home.