Touching and positioning solution for capacitive touch screen after touching water

- Aug 15, 2018-

The capacitive touch screen is covered with water, which is a common thing in people's life. If the water is rubbed off, the touch control will be accurate.

However, many times, the surface of the touch screen will often generate water droplets. The working environment of the touch screen is different. According to the experience of touch screen manufacturers,

The problem is not simply erasing the water droplets. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Firstly, the object of the water droplet on the capacitive touch screen was analyzed. The size of the water drop, the area of the water drop, whether it flows, and the ambient temperature were used.

Whether it's water mist, how conductive, whether there's a finger in the water, all of these objects have to be clearly explained, and the mathematical model established to restore the object to be processed,

The most fundamental solution is the chip problem.

2. Touch IC on capacitive touch screen also has waterproofing design on hardware, such as cypress and synaptics

3. The capacitive touch screen contains N first touch Sensor and N second touch Sensor. N is the natural number.

A first touch Sensor and a second touch Sensor constitute a rectangular induction unit symmetrically.

Position the touch point in the X-axis direction according to the relative changes of the capacitance of the first touch Sensor and the second touch Sensor.

The position of touch point on the Y axis is located according to the capacitance variation of several induction units.The X-axis direction is the broad side direction of the capacitive touch screen.

The Y-axis direction is the long side direction of capacitive touch screen.Since the induction unit is rectangular, and the capacitance change trend of the first touch Sensor and the second touch Sensor is symmetrical,

In this way, the calculation is more accurate and the capacitive touch screen can locate touch points more accurately.

Operate capacitive touch screen with water and gloves

Therefore, the problem of touching water on the capacitive touch screen doesn't need to be too complicated. The end user can change the screen.