Use projection technology to turn any vehicle into an interactive 3D touch screen

- Nov 12, 2019-

 The AR experience for the automotive industry is a hot prospect, allowing us to see all the details of our favorite vehicles without leaving home, an online experience.

But the offline experience is also very important, more and more AR is also attracting customers to the physical store to experience, the automotive industry will naturally participate.

However, since it is offline, it is not reasonable to let customers use their mobile phones or AR glasses to get the AR experience. It is too restrictive. What is the difference between them and at home?

The idea of design is to use AR technology to make passers-by interested, and then use the quick and concise introduction and simple operation experience to let users understand the brand and attract the store to consume.

The first advantage of this solution is that there are few devices, no touch screen, no complicated electronic instruments, no LCD, etc. Only one projector is needed. The purchase cost and maintenance cost of the equipment are greatly reduced.

And the space used is still very large, still in The Men's Warehouse, but indoors, turning a wooden table into an interactive touch screen, allowing customers to follow the guidelines to choose the right clothes.

This is also an advantage of these solutions, allowing customers to choose their own shopping (or self-learning), which in some ways can increase the success rate of purchases. In 2009, cooperation with digital products such as FrictionFree TouchGlass has proven to increase sales by 33% while increasing brand awareness by 7 times, while data in 2016 showed a 17% increase in traffic.

In addition, this technology seems to be able to enhance the ability to draw cakes. In the case of Wal-Mart, the display of the product no longer uses the real product, but a 3D print of a 1:1 model, and then projected to make it look exactly the same as the real product.