ways to resolve Touch screen common troubles

- Nov 10, 2019-

Common fault maintenance guide for touch screen

Mooch screen,

Solution 1: recalibrate the position. 1

No change in position.

Surface acoustic touch screen

 (1) fault 1: touch deviation

Phenomenon 1: the position touched by the finger does not coincide with the front of the mouse.

Reason 1: after installing the xiang driver, there is no vertical touch on the center of the bull's eye during the module positive position.

 Phenomenon 23 some areas touch accurately, some areas touch deviation.

Reason 2: a large amount of dust or scale has accumulated on the blue wave frequency shooting strip around the surface acoustic touch screen, which reflects the transmission of acoustic break signal.

 Pass the caused.

24 to clean the touch screen, pay special attention to touch the four sides of kang's sputum reflection offering t clean, clean the boat touch screen control card

 Power off.

(2) fault 1: dare to touch no response

 Phenomenon: when touching the screen, nothing moves before the mouse

- reasons: there are many reasons for this phenomenon of yansheng, which are explained as follows:

C) the acoustic wave anti-navigation case near the acoustic wave touch screen on the surface is very serious, so the dust or scale accumulated on it is unable to activate the catalyst screen

 @touch screen malfunction,

. Touch screen control card failure a,1

 Fault occurs when @ touches the signal line.

 6) the serial port of the host computer fails.

 Installation failure of the system based on the sum of o meter t calculation)\

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0 Watkins touch screen signal indicator light, which flashes regularly under normal circumstances, about once per second. When touching the screen,

The signal light is normally on |, after stopping the touch, the signal light resumes flashing.

(2) if the signal light is still on when there is no touch, first check whether the touch screen needs to be cleaned; Next, check what the hardware is connected to

Whether the serial port number is consistent with the serial number set by the software, and whether the serial port of the computer host works normally. Countries in the middle of

(3) run the driver disk COMDUMP command, the command for Dos command, run in COMDUMP followed by space

And serial port of code 1 or 2, and touch the screen

See if any data rolls out. If there is data rollout, the hardware connection is normal. Please check the software

Whether the Settings are correct, and whether the collision occurs with other hardware devices. If there is no data rollout, the hardware will fail. The specific failure point is to be determined.

Run the SAWDUMP command in the drive tray. This command is a DOS command. When running the program, the program asks for the class of the control card

Type, the port number of the connection, the transfer rate, and then the program reads the relevant data from the control card. Notice the x in the bottom left corner of the screen

If the AGC value of the axis and the AGC value of the Y-axis are 255 hours, the transducer of the axis will fail and need to be repaired.

(5) install the driver after the first correction, pay attention to observe the system error details. Unable to find control card ", "touch screen

No connection "etc., check the corresponding parts according to the prompts. For example: whether the touch screen signal wire is firmly connected with the control card, the keyboard wire is

Not all connect with the host. If still cannot exclude, ask professional personnel to maintain.

Failure to summarize

1. No response to power supply

Main board inverter is partially damaged

2. Heating insurance

The inverter is burnt out

Triode D667 breakdown

3. The blue screen will turn to blue after 10 minutes of power on

CPU mainboard does not work