What about the white screen of the data recorder?

- Aug 15, 2018-

White screen is one of the common faults in the automobile data recorder, and it is also a serious fault.

Basically need to repair, car friend is not able to handle by itself.The white screen is mostly caused by circuit problems, such as poor battery contact,

Circuit board welding position disconnection.Some of the front and rear dual-lens cameras are particularly prone to white screen situations.

The reason is also that their rear lens is connected with the host by a connection line. If the connection head is loose and there is bad contact,

You'll see a white screen, and if that's the case, you can turn it off, and you can pull the cable out and plug it in again, and remember to plug it in.

Method 2: press the RESET button for the touch of the white screen of the data recorder. If it is not available, please check whether the screen layout is loose or you can swipe it. It is not available yet, please return to the factory

Monitor screen

So how important is the car recorder?

Many car owners believe that the purchase and installation of the car recorder is on the one hand to preserve evidence in the event of a "crash party", on the other hand to protect their car.

Traffic accidents are inevitable in the process of driving. For example, if you meet the 'crash party', you can prove your innocence through corresponding video.

At this time, the car recorder can play a very important role.Installing a data recorder on a car is the equivalent of buying an insurance policy.

So more and more people choose to install the car recorder.The vehicle traffic recorder can record the vehicle traffic condition in real time.

It can avoid the occurrence of mutual denial in the process of collision.

Not only that, it is also the bane of "racketeer" people.The automobile data recorder is an important tool for forensics.