What are the application areas of capacitive touch screens?

- Feb 26, 2019-

What are the application areas of capacitive touch screens?With the development of the Internet, many changes have taken place in the application of touch screen in our life.Only with the trend of The Times, let the thinking change, can present the most in line with the needs of the eligible product.


Now the field of intelligent application is relatively strong. From the traditional situation, the previous switches used wires as switches, and later came the button capacitive touch screen. From 2017 to 2018, it became the form of intelligent voice induction + touch effect keys to control the whole layout.


Intelligent automatic industry now is no longer the primary stage of development, we should all know now in public places, such as railway station, subway, high-speed rail, airport and so on, these are the tickets sales machine automatically, query information, and so on, to use saved everyone a lot of time, this is now the development of the touch screen machine, whether it can use in the field.