What are the applications of industrial touch screens?

- Jul 03, 2018-

Industrial touch screen is an intelligent interface that connects people and machines through industrial display during touch. It is an intelligent operation display terminal replacing traditional control buttons and indicator lights

It can be used to set parameters, display data, monitor device status, and describe automated control processes in the form of curves/animations.More convenient, convenient and more expressive and industrial application of touch screen, industrial touch screen control display all-in-one development, a new computer input device, is a simple, convenient, natural way of human-computer interaction, it gives the appearance of new multimedia, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive multimedia equipment.

The industrial touch screen is widely used in the commercial field in China.Business enquiries from power and other departments;Behaviour enquiries on city streets;Information inquiry of museums and art galleries;Airport station flight, in addition to the touch screen for leading office, industrial control, military command, video games, music ordering, multimedia teaching, air tickets/train tickets pre-sale.

Application of capacitive touch - screen computer in industry.


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