What are the difficulties and considerations in the design of capacitive touch screens?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The performance of touch screen has a great impact on electronic technology. At present, more and more customized capacitive touch screens bring a lot of benefits and promote the rapid development of the market.But there is one problem that people have been more vexed, that is the design of the touch screen.About the difficulties and matters needing attention, today xiaobian will take you to understand:

When a common resistive touch panel senses a finger or a stylus, the flexible transparent material on the top layer will be pressed down and then touch the conductive material layer below.But the projectile touch screen has no custom removable parts.Some sensor suppliers make a single-layer sensor, with X - and Y-axis sensors and small bridging components embedded in a single-layer ITO, and then a capacitance between the sensor and the finger as the finger or other conductive object approaches the screen.This capacitance is small for the system, but can be measured using a variety of techniques.In design, it is not only important to consider the appearance of the touch panel, but also important to understand its operation mode.In order to design a capacitive touch screen product with excellent performance, some parameters should be paid attention to.An analog or robotic finger is used to measure accuracy.The finger is placed in an exact position on the panel, and then the actual position of the finger is compared with the measured position.