What are the main aspects of the touch screen

- Jul 20, 2018-

What are the main aspects of touch screen?A display is also commonly known as a monitor.A monitor is an I/O device belonging to a computer, that is, an input/output device.It is a display tool that displays certain electronic files to the screen through a specific transmission device and then reflects them back to the human eye.

1. Small size, light weight and no radiation of ion display;

2. The structure of each plasma transmitting unit is exactly the same, so there will be no collective deformation of common images in the picture tube;

3. The brightness of the ion screen is very uniform, with no bright and dark areas;The center of the screen of a conventional picture tube is always brighter than the surrounding area.

4. Ions will not be affected by magnetic field and have better environmental adaptability;

5. There is no aggregation problem in the ion screen.Therefore, some areas of the image tube are resolved due to poor focusing or the beginning of defocusing after a long period of time.

6. The flatness of the surface completely improves the distortion and color purity changes at the corners of the large screen. With high brightness, large Angle, full color and high contrast, the plasma images are clearer, brighter colors and better effects, which astonishes the traditional CRT display.