What causes the failure of the all-in-one touch screen

- Aug 16, 2018-

With the continuous development of touch control technology, the use of touch screen for all-in-one machines began to be applied in all walks of life. It can be seen in various real estate sales centers, exhibitions and exhibitions as well as various public inquiry industries.

Capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine is widely used in the all-in-one touch screen machine. With the continuous extension of the application time of the equipment and the interference of various external factors, problems will occur on the touch screen of the all-in-one machine.

All-in-one touch screen

So what factors could cause damage to the all-in-one touch screen?

1. Physical damage

Physical damage is a relatively direct damage to the integrated machine touch screen.The impact and vibration will damage the protective layer of silica glass and permanently damage the capacitive plate.It can lead to drift or even screen scrapping.Therefore, it is necessary to avoid large vibration and collision when storing or transporting.It can protect the capacitive screen and prolong the service life.

2. External environment and temperature

The external environment and temperature directly affect the life of the touch screen.The better working temperature of the touch screen is 5-35 degrees and the humidity is 30-90%.The storage temperature of the capacitor plate is -20 to 60 degrees, which is stored in high or low temperature environment, and transportation will also damage the capacitor plate.Prolonged exposure to the sun or exposure to high temperatures can permanently damage the screen.After the screen gets hot due to charging, please wait for the temperature to drop before using.

3. The voltage

When the battery voltage is low or unstable, the capacitor screen may drift.Using a good battery and charging your phone in a timely manner can avoid the drift caused by voltage problems.

4. The electrostatic

Since the capacitance screen of an all-in-one machine depends on the electric field for positioning, very slight static charges will lead to "drift". If electrostatic discharge occurs, it may even permanently damage the capacitor screen.

5. The magnetic field

The magnetic field will generate electric field, so the "drift" phenomenon will occur when the touch-screen screen of the all-in-one machine is in a strong magnetic field. If the magnetic field is too strong or stays in a strong magnetic field for a long time, even the capacitive screen will be damaged permanently.

6. Other conductive substances

Conductive materials attached to the screen, such as oil, sweat, water vapor, etc., can cause drift, and damage the capacitance screen and other parts if they enter the screen carelessly.

As the integrated capacitive touch screen machine is a precision equipment, the tonhao touch screen manufacturer suggests that customers should be careful when using it, avoid the adverse environment mentioned above and clean the screen regularly. If any problem occurs, please call your touch screen provider to seek solutions, and do not disassemble it at will.