What happened to the white fog produced by the capacitive screen?

- Aug 02, 2018-

With the constant change and development of the market, capacitive touch screen has been replaced the resistive touch screen, when everyone is busy touchscreen advocate material from PET or PC change to glass, ignoring the substrate (protective film) change, lead to bad capacitive touch screen will appear white mist. Poor white mist causes: the touch screen from advocate material PET, or change the PC after glass, vice material without reverting to the original silicone protective film, is the main chemical composition of the silicon and glass, the original silicone protective film's main chemical composition is also one of silicon glue, when silicon and silicon joint (i.e. silicone protective film and laminating glass), doubleThe silicon molecules of the square react chemically to create a white mist. 

Solution: usually everyone will not change because of the small problem of the touch screen glass material, so can only replace the substrate protective film, so we according to the causes of bad above, formulate the PU rubber + a mixture of silicon rubber (mixed ratio involving trade secrets) protective film el and RUP RUP - 057-057 la, not only can completely solve the poor white mist, at the same time with silica gel automatic exhaust, not miserably glue etc. El and RUP RUP - 057-057 la difference lies in the base material of RUP - 057 el do anti-static processing, and RUP - 057 lThe base material of A is not treated with anti-static treatment. Other functions are the same.