What is a capacitive screen

- Apr 03, 2019-

I believe many of you have used a touch screen phone, so, how much do you know about their own mobile phone screen?What exactly is a capacitive screen?Here for you to briefly explain, the current TOUCH screen (TOUCH screen) mainstream is divided into two kinds of screens, one is capacitive screen, one is resistive screen, capacitive screen is commonly known as "hard screen" like a few mainstream mobile phones such as apple, IPHONE, GOOGLE's G1,G2.HERO, blackberry 9500, domestic strong machine meizu M8;Resistive screen commonly known as soft screen, such as the use of Windows Mobile system of smart phones, as well as the familiar NOKIA5800/N97/N900 is also used to make the soft screen.

Some people say that the capacitive screen is a real touch, as long as the finger touch, touch without the slightest force can react, resistive screen phone is not strictly a touch screen phone, it should be called the screen phone, because it requires some pressure to operate.Capacitance is better than the light, flexible, extremely smooth operation experience (this requires adequate hardware performance and good cooperation between software and hardware), and basically do not worry about the problem of misoperation after hanging up -- > phone hang up casually put it in the pocket, do not care whether it lock screen, because light pressure without direct skin contact on the screen no effect.

Advantages of capacitive touch screen: compared with resistive touch screen and electromagnetic induction plate, capacitive touch screen shows better performance.It is easy to use because it can be touched easily.Moreover, the contact between finger and touch screen has almost no wear and tear, the performance is stable, and the mechanical test service life is up to 30 years.In addition, the whole product is mainly composed of a PCB with only one high integration chip, with fewer components, good product consistency and high yield.