What is a single touch screen and what functions does it have?

- Aug 15, 2018-

Single touch screen

The function of the touch screen developed from simple to complex, the original products only support very simple operation, is a finger touch screen on the point to achieve control.The single-point touch screen is also called the single-point + gesture, which is generally used in the smart machine. The single-point touch screen is used in the POS terminal of our supermarket or in the check-in terminal of the airport.In the past, we could only use the mechanical buttons around the screen, and a single touch screen made a big improvement on the user interface.Of course, mechanical and new capacitive touch-sensitive buttons are ubiquitous in our homes, offices and beyond: mobile phones, landlines, remote controls, televisions, computers and their peripherals, game consoles, refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, and electronic controls such as radios and air conditioners.

Single touch screen function

The screen offers two major benefits to the user interface. One is that the device design space is optimized, especially for small devices that can "install" screens and buttons simultaneously in the same area.Second, because buttons can be tied to any application in the operating system, there can be an infinite number of "buttons" used by devices.The above functions are mainly based on resistive touch screen technology, which has been widely promoted in various applications such as consumer electronics products, airport newsstand, POS terminals of grocery stores and on-board GPS system.